Alejandra Orozco (Ph.D.) Is a researcher and development practitioner who, for the past 19 years, has been living and working in Africa and the Americas. Her experience working alongside local and indigenous communities to protect communal land and resource tenure rights inspired her to find different approaches to address the empowerment of individuals and groups.

Aware that there is an intricate and essential relationship between our human ability to exert personal power and our chances of succeeding in all spheres of life led Alejandra to become a Master Facilitator of Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K®). PSYCH-K® comprises various techniques to support emotional healing and the transformation of traumatic experiences and limiting beliefs.

Since 2019, Alejandra has been working both as a development practitioner and as a PSYCH-K® facilitator. On the one hand, she continues to engage in efforts to build the capacity of local and indigenous communities to assert their rights and manage their territories, and to take part in policy discourses, training and advocacy efforts that influence how we promote progress and environmental sustainability. On the other hand, Aleja uses PSYCH-K® so support the healing of people facing emotional distress, trauma and chronic stress.

PSYCH-K® and changing limiting beliefs

Harnessing the power of our thoughts and emotions


Our personal power is intimately connected to our beliefs. “our beliefs are the foundation of our personality. Beliefs help us define ourselves as worthy or worthless, as powerful or powerless, as competent or incompetent, as self-reliant or dependent, as fairly treated or victimized, as loved or hated.” (Robert Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®)

What we believe affects us in every aspect of our lives, including our moods, inclinations, relationships, professional performance, self-esteem and ultimately our physical health. Therefore, being able to have healthy and empowering beliefs is essential to human well-being, and that is the purpose of PSYCH-K® to help transform the limiting beliefs and conditioning that emerge from difficult upbringings, traumatic experiences or stress.

For any question or consultations you can reach Dr. Alejandra Orozco at [email protected]


I wanted to take time to thank you personally Aleja for all of your wonderful contributions to this life.  I have had the honor of meeting you personally as fate would have it.  I am extremely thankful for your mighty presence in my life.  I believe you to be my personal guarding Angel.  As life would have us together at a conference over a year ago, I experienced symptoms of a heart attack and you cared for me ever so lovingly. You came to my aide and volunteered to care for me.  You have been a guiding light for me afterwards as well.  Aleja you possess wisdom beyond your years… You have ever so generously helped me through so much with your expertise and loving guidance.  I have felt extreme unconditional love from you that I really longed for. Thank you for being such a wonderful uplifting soul on this planet.  I am in awe of your achievements and I am proud to call you my friend.  I feel so close to you even though we haven’t spent much time together in person.   What I know for sure is this world is so much brighter because of you.  You are such a generous human being.  I know and trust God is always rewarding you for all you do for others.  You have one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever had the great fortune of meeting. I appreciate you more than words could ever begin to express. Thank you Aleja for constantly striving to make this a more magical world.

Luna Maez

New Mexico, USA.

By the grace of God Alejandra came into our lives in September 2019 when mom had just been hospitalized and with a very delicate recovery process. Today mom is a very strengthened person thanks to the knowledge of this blessed woman.

Candida Carpintero

Barranquilla, Colombia.

"Trust is the secret! to move forward with that which you cannot see as opposed to fighting your ways through events that have already occurred. For everything in the physical world is already history…it is the end product of our choices, not the beginning…real change begins in the invisible world."

Caroline Myss

"You can tell by how people responds to you, where you are operating from, if from the heart or not...

The world that you experience is the world of your projections."

David Hawkins


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