Positive Beliefs Help Us to Soar

“Your beliefs become your thoughts Your Thoughts become your Words

Your Words become your Actions Your Actions become your Habits

Your Habits become your Values Your Values become your Destiny.”

Mahatma Ghandi


Our habitual or subconscious mind, where our beliefs and habits are stored, plays a fundamental role in our perception of reality. It is for this reason that often, two people living the same experience may perceive it differently. The subconscious mind also determines our perception of ourselves, and from these perceptions, we end up developing specific behaviors, which become our personality traits. That is why the most effective way to change a behavior or our perception of something is to change the subconscious thoughts or beliefs on which they are based. 

If we are the ones who create our reality according to the way we are conditioned, how can we transform our perceptions and with it the reality in which we live?

A Psych-k Balance allows you to transmute how you perceive situations, which creates the potential to respond to them differently and achieve different results. However, to achieve results, the change in perception must be accompanied by action. It is not enough, for example, that we achieve the conviction, through a Balance, that we can run a marathon. To achieve change, we need to take action by training to reach our new goal. Similarly, while Balancing will help in reducing the stress and inner conflict that may be supporting the presence of dis-ease in your body, it is still important to take the steps in diet, exercise, treatment and rest to help our physical healing.

Psych-K provides several methods to identify and transform, in a fast and conclusive way, limiting beliefs to beliefs that support you in any area of your life. How do I know if I have limiting beliefs? Look at the different areas of your life: financial prosperity, self-esteem, body and health issues, weight issues, career, relationships, and others, and you can discover where there are limiting beliefs. 

How does it work?

A Psych-K balance is a process designed to create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This Whole-Brain state is ideal for reprograming the mind with new self-enhancing beliefs, reducing unwanted stress, and healing you to access your ‘full response potential’ in meeting your life’s challenges.

The results of a Balance may be felt instantly or may evolve over time (hours, days, weeks, or longer). This depends on what you are balancing for and the actions you take.

The duration of a Balance depends on the type of Balance, but it can take from a few minutes to an hour or more.

The duration of the effects of a Balance depends on your changes at the level of your aspirations and your life. The things that today represent a radical process for your feelings of well-being, tomorrow may well be of little importance or inadequate to help you direct a conscious change in your reality.

In your daily life, there will always be processes that will enable you to recognize when changes are required to promote well-being in any dimension of your reality. Being aware of the need for change does not mean having clarity on how we can achieve it, but it is the first step. With Psych-K Balances you can purposefully direct changes in your life.



"Trust is the secret! to move forward with that which you cannot see as opposed to fighting your ways through events that have already occurred. For everything in the physical world is already history…it is the end product of our choices, not the beginning…real change begins in the invisible world."

Caroline Myss

"You can tell by how people responds to you, where you are operating from, if from the heart or not...

The world that you experience is the world of your projections."

David Hawkins

Love Has Subjugated Me:

"Love has subjugated me:
To me this is no surprise,
For she is strong and I am weak.
She makes me unfree of myself,
Continually against my will.
She does with me what she wishes;
Nothing of myself remains to me;
Formerly I was rich,
Now I am poor: everything is lost in love."

Hadewijch van Antwerpen

"The highest form of knowledge is empathy

for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another's world"



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